Our Company and History

Agro Diversas established in 1970 and under the leadership of its founder the company pioneered the commercialization of Guatemala’s highland cardamom.

Over the preceding years the company remained a dynamic force - regularly implementing new technologies and exploring new markets.

Today, Agro Diversas has grown into a major world supplier of the spice. Recognized for its unrivaled quality amongst exporters and its state of the art facilities, our company is uniquely positioned to continue meeting the challenges of a growing demand!

Our Cardamom

Our Cardamom trully merits the name “Queen of Spices”. It´s intense aroma, unique taste and numerous health benefits have drawn and fascinated people in every corner of the world. Whether used as a key cooking ingredient in the Indian Subcontinent, as the basis of delicious coffee blends in the Middle East, and as an additive to lotions and fragrance’s elsewhere. Cardamom remains one of the world’s most loved and coveted spices!

“True quality and excellence guaranteed”

Our product line

Premium Greens


  • Extra Large Sizes
  • Closed Pods


  • Large Sizes
  • Closed Pods


  • Medium - Large Sizes
  • Closed Pods

Baby Royal

  • Medium Sizes
  • Closed Pods



  • Extra Large Sizes
  • Closed Pods


  • Large Sizes
  • Closed Pods


  • Medium-Large Sizes
  • Closed Pods



  • Different Sizes
  • Closed Pods

Open Pods


  • Green
  • Open Pods



  • Decorticated cardamom seeds



Open and closed pods of different sizes and colors including yellows, greens, dark color and husks

Our Facilities

Agro Diversas works continuously under strict quality standards. Our plant is located at the heart of Guatemala City’s industrial area which relies on modern cleaning, sizing, electronic sorting and packing equipment to meet our costumer’s needs.

Our Vision

To endure as the most dynamic, innovative and admired exporters of cardamom in the world; to continue growing in a sustainable manner. 

Our Mission

To create value for our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders by exporting a superior product, building stronger customer relations and creating responsive and innovative solutions.

Export Destinations

Our Sourcing Locations: Guatemala