Our Company and History

Fertilizantes Maya, S.A (MAYAFERT’) has over 35 years of experience importing, distributing, and commercializing fertilizers in Guatemala; having expanded its operations to El Salvador, Belize, and Mexico through its subsidiaries. Presently, it is one the leading suppliers and distributors of fertilizers in the Central American market.

Our Fertilizers

Our fertilizers are sourced from top producers across the globe ranging from Russia, China, United States, and Europe. We import and distribute traditional fertilizers,  special formulas,  as well as a wide variety of micronutrients,  and chemically compounded formulas.

“World Class Service That Starts from the Field”

Our Product Line

Our Facilities

With over 32,000 MT of warehouse construction, our facilities are one of the largest and most modern fertilizer facilities in Latin America. The plant´s robust design, coupled with our team’s experience, allows for efficient production and dispatch rates of upwards of 3000 MT per day.


ISO 9001, Coguanor Standard

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an industry leader, aiming to set industry practices and be a profitable company through continued growth and innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply farmers, large estate holders and agro-industrial customers with the right nutrients, on-site technical support, and tailored formulas that will maximize crop yields and deliver good returns.

Our Locations

Sourcing Locations